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5-Step Simulations™ provides a customizable framework for quickly and effortlessly creating powerful learning activities that leave a lasting impression.

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The closer that learning activities are to real work, the better the learning transfers to the real world. Real-world relevance is why LearningSim's 5-Step Simulations™ strike the perfect balance of complexity, engagement, power, and ease of use.

We Are Different

Most training firms are very cautious about letting their customers change their content. We offer the flexibility and permission to tailor, edit, change, and create new material to meet the specific needs of your training audiences

“The real world has a lot of rough edges. Simulations are sharp only where necessary.”

–Steve Semler, LearningSim founder

The 5-Step Simulation™ Framework Makes Your Job Easy

Fast and Effortless

Each simulation has five steps—no large, complex, unwieldy components or parts to worry about

Print and Reuse as Needed

Each simulation can be printed and used right away, as many times as you need it

Easily Adaptable to Any Niche

24 simulations cover 15 different topics in three broad categories easily adaptable for any project

Completely White Label

Apply your own look and feel or company branding to your training material.

Easy to Use

You don't need a graduate degree or specialized knowledge to understand the instructions.


Compare this to providers charging $25, $50, $100, $150 or more per participant set!

Nena B. Director of Instructional Design

"Steve's ability to visualize the learners and make the content come 'alive' even when they are alone [through WBT] is amazing. Stimulating and realistic—a hard combination to achieve when the media has to carry it all. But he does it.

Adam W. Training Consultant

"Steve is an incredibly gifted designer. He provides clients with a wealth of knowledge, a straight-forward approach, and a knack for creating solutions that just flat out work. His simulations create tremendous value for any organization serious about improving learning and lasting impact.”

What's Included in the 5-Step Simulation™ Framework

  • Simple, fast, easy-to-use pre-written training simulations to enhance your workshops.
  • Detailed guide and templates to the 5-Step Simulation™ method
  • 28 simulations in 16 topics
  • MS-Word files to use.
  • A cost-effective license that fits your needs.
  • Helpful suggestions on how to blend 5-Step Simulations™ into existing programs.
  • Simulation template in Articulate Storyline (.story) format
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How it Works

Follow along in our interactive tutorial to learn why 5 Step Sims are so effective. (coming soon)

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