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Fast, Easy, Effective

LearningSim’s 5-Step Simulations™ let you quickly and easily add simulations to your training. You get 24 simulations in 15 topics, and you can use the 5-Step Simulation™ model and instructions to build your own. Simulations increase the impact of technical, sales, leadership, and job skills training by 50% or more—you'll be surprised how much learning you can pack into just 5 steps!
LearningSim Simulations Get Better Results

The closer that learning activities are to real work, the better the learning transfers to the real world.

Real-world relevance is why LearningSim's 5-Step Simulations™ strike the perfect balance of complexity, engagement, power, and ease of use.

"The real world has a lot of rough edges. Simulations are sharp only where necessary.
–Steve Semler, LearningSim founder

LearningSim specializes in designing training simulations that strike a balance between realism and learning value. We recognize that trainers and educators are often pressed for time and need ready-to-use simulations that they can drop into their workshops. For trainers and instructional designers with more time to prepare, we offer the flexibility of licenses that allow users to edit, modify, customize, and create brand-new simulations using our 5-Step Simulation™ methodology.

The more that trainers can make learning feel like real work, the more that people are able to use what they learn when they are on the job. One thing organizations can do to increase learning transfer and performance is to employ training techniques that are more like the learner's on-the-job experience. Simulations are perfect for this kind of skill development.

Effective training simulations are simpler versions of the same reality that learners interact with on a daily basis. They capture the essential dynamics of a workplace in a way that allows learners to explore different approaches and experience different outcomes. Simulations can be very effective learning strategies, and fun for the participants, too!

What makes a simulation work? There are a few key principles to follow when selecting or designing a learning simulation.

  • Make the simulation feel like real work
  • Strip away excess complexity and focus on the key dynamic
  • Make the situations, choices, and outcomes believable
  • Allow choices to influence outcomes
  • Keep the rules in the background

To learn more about simulations for training, explore our site and check out how 5-Step Simulations™ can help you increase the engagement and impact of your training programs.