LearningSim is a firm dedicated to the use of simulations and games to promote impact, engagement, and motivation in learning. Our biggest focus is on writing simulations for business training environments. Related areas of LearningSim’s business include:

  • Design of “serious games” for adult learners
  • Custom simulation and case study writing for online, classroom, or on-the-job training
  • Challenge learning or scenario-based learning
  • Simulation-enhanced learning (SEL) research and solution design
  • Workplace learning and performance consulting

Our owner and principal designer is Steve Semler. Feel free to take a look at his profile on the LinkedIn network.

Please use our Contact form to get fast answers to your questions. LearningSim is a Minnesota, USA business with a global perspective.

1644 Kilmer Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55426

We are committed to fair and ethical use of adult learning theory, corporate training and development practices, and workplace learning and performance principles. We will not discriminate in any decision on the basis of factors that are irrelevant to the situation and decision being made, whether the decision is about educational access, contracting, confidentiality, licensing, employment, advertising, or referrals.